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        Vertex Technology Corporation is a leading manufacturer of industrial temperature measurement and control instruments in Taiwan. Our professionalism in this field has helped us to progress from our humble beginnings in 1990, to where we are today. We are fast becoming a dominant force in the world temperature controller market.

        Vertex Technology Corporation's stated mission is to develop a comprehensive range of process control products aimed at making automation simple, efficient and cost-effective, all the time maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability. In achieving this goal, we use our own in house cutting edge technology, complimented by our ISO9001 Quality Control certification. Our product development strategy is driven by our desire to meet our customer's end user requirements.
        Vertex products are sold in over 25 countries worldwide and we are continually gaining market share because of our excellent "quality" product and competitive price. The geographical areas include Europe, North and South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia. To date we have supplied more than 600000 Vertex controllers in a diversity of market applications including the plastic extrusion, molding, petrochemical, chemical, automotive, food processing, textile, energy, environmental, water and wastewater management fields, in fact anywhere where automated temperature control processes are required.
        Vertex is continually striving to improve our market exposure, product and service to our customers. To these ends we are expanding our international distribution network, attending international trade fairs and always keeping an eye on the latest market developments, making sure we are at the forefront with our product offering. It is our goal to become the worlds number one supplier of temperature measurement and control instrumentation, offering a product that is at all times abreast of the latest technology developments.






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